Perk Valley Pet Eatery

Break Free from the Pet Store Chains!

Trappe Shopping Center

130 W. Main Street, Suite 102-104

Trappe PA 19426
Phone: 610-454-0045

Fax: 610-454-0644

Hours of Operation

Mon- Fri - 9 AM-7 PM
Sat - 9 AM-5 PM
Sun - 11:00 AM - 4 PM
Closed on Major Holidays 

Pets (and their people) always welcome!

We have moved to the Trappe Shopping Center, right near our old location.

Please do not send "Are You Hiring" messages via the contact form below. Also, do not send any business solitications or donation requests via the contact form below. You will not receive a response.  Send any correspondence to the address on this page or visit the store with your requests. Thank you.